Dr Rosalyn Wilson, Glasgow

I had terrible back pain that came on during pregnancy that caused disturbed sleep, worse than I have ever experienced before. I saw Linda from around 16 weeks and within a couple of sessions I was significantly better. I continued to see her until the end of my pregnancy and afterwards as between sessions I knew when the time had come for another one!

I am convinced I would not have been able to sleep well or work until almost my due date, without any need for pain relieving medication were it not for regular sessions with Linda. She not only has healing hands but is extremely caring, very flexible and you really feel she enjoys helping you get better.

Thank you, Dr Rosalyn Wilson, Glasgow

  J. D., Glasgow

Hi Linda,
Just to say thanks for the work you have been doing, I have been going to various therapists for years but I definitely get the best results from your magic hands.

Thanks, J. D., Glasgow

  Clinic Patient, Glasgow

Linda is always very relaxed and listens to you to guide her treatment. She was able to diagnose the condition I had developed following a car accident even though I had seen many professionals before this who had dismissed my symptoms.

The clinic has a nice relaxing atmosphere and everyone is very friendly.

Thank you for your help

  Captain John W Dickie, Glasgow

For anyone suffering major health issues, I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. I suffer from extreme arthritis complicated by anaphylaxis which compounds the problems of receiving treatments.

After my GP and hospital doctors had given up on me and told me that there was no cure and to take Ibuprofen as necessary and reduce the activity in my life for the rest of my life. Also my range of mobility would decrease as my pain increased. My main areas of pain are lower spine, hips and right thigh including the knee. I attended a treatment with Linda and asked if she could possibly help me. She said YES but would not make any promises as to the final outcome.

What happened was fantastic, a large increase in the range of movement throughout my body, reduction in the pain and an improved feeling of well-being. It is not a cure but the treatments are part of my new life style and given me back a life what was being taken from me by arthritis. If you find yourself in similar position to that which I was in, you have nothing to lose but the pain. Linda will not make you false promises she cannot keep and tell you exactly what can be achieved.

Thank you, Captain John W Dickie, Glasgow

  D.U., Glasgow

Linda is a very skillful, patient and effective practitioner.
In particular she always explains what she is doing and aiming to achieve.

Thanks, D.U., Glasgow

  Fiona, Glasgow

I’d been suffering from a sore neck, back and shoulders for almost a year and had just accepted the on-going pain until a friend recommended Linda. After the 1st appointment I noticed a huge improvement and over the course of the next few treatments the pain had significantly reduced and I felt a lot better. Linda is incredibly professional and friendly, I can’t recommend her services highly enough!

Thanks, Fiona, Glasgow

  Clinic Patient, Glasgow

I have had treatments from Linda a few times and although these were not for ongoing conditions, I find that if I am ever concerned with anything musculoskeletal then I know I can get an appointment fast and have any fears calmed by her knowledge and advice.

A great service and I always recommend to friends.

  Clinic Patient, Glasgow

I have always found my experiences to be very good. Linda has explained to me what my problem is,helping me to cope with it and exercises to do to help. I have found the massages and acupuncture extremely helpful and feel that I have been helped with my visits.

Thank you