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Neck Pain

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Neck Pain 

If you have neck pain, we can help. There are so many reasons for pain to arise. We listen to your story, do a few tests and then we diagnose your pain and form a plan of action.

Symptoms may include:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • arm pain
  • tension headaches
  • stiff neck
  • pins and needles
  • jaw pain

Your neck might be very stiff generally, or particularly restricted to one side. You might be having difficulty looking over your shoulder whilst parking the car, for example.

Your neck pain may be causing you headaches. We call them ‘cervicogenic’ headaches.

If the body has one joint restriction or muscle imbalance anywhere, the the body has to compensate for that elsewhere. For example, your neck pain can be caused by a weakness in the shoulder blade, causing the muscles running into the neck to over-work and become painful. We look at the whole body to see if there is mis-alignment or movement restrictions further down the chain, even down to your feet! I recently helped a lady with right-sided neck pain, the cause of which was tracked down to a fractured right ankle from 10 years ago. The body is amazing at compensating!

Commonly, pain is due to repetitive posture, stress, tension, general lack of mobility and strength. It could be from an old whiplash injury. There’s loads of possibilities, but nothing we can’t help you to fix or improve.

You may have been told you have ‘wear and tear’, or been diagnosed with ‘spondylitis’ which basically means inflammation of the spinal joints in the neck. This can come and go and is often related to degenerative changes, which are normal. Spondylosis is the normal thinning of discs as we age. This means are spinal joints get a little closer together and can become irritated easily. This can improve greatly with osteopathic treatment coupled with exercises to gently stretch and strengthen the neck. We can advise you on all of this too.

What we do as Osteopaths:

We create an environment for the body to heal itself. We unstick the stuck bits with massage, mobilisations and if all boxes are ticked on our checklist of criteria, we might manipulate too. We find the trigger points where your pain is coming from and ease them away. We mobilise (waggle) tissues and joints to get the blood flowing freely and to sweep the inflammation away. We calm the nervous system to reduce your pain. The aim is to make you feel better, quickly. 

You’re completely safe in our hands.  

If we decide manipulation would be beneficial for you, we always gain your consent beforehand and ensure you understand the technique first. No surprises.

Written by Linda Canning

Osteopath, Pilates Teacher - My aim is to keep people moving well, moving more and with confidence.

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