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Manipulation - What happens when I have my back clicked?

Monday, September 24, 2018

What happens when you click my back? by Harry Hampson

One of the many techniques osteopaths perform is a “manipulation” or “adjustment”. This is commonly performed in the neck, midback, or lower back, although they can also be performed in the joints of the limbs. There may or may not be a pop during the technique, and research has shown that it is not necessary for the technique to be deemed suitable.

  • Manipulation improves the range of motion of the joints in your back. Osteopaths believe good spinal range of motion is very important to both functioning in daily activities and in the prevention of pain.

  • It relaxes the local muscles surrounding the area that is manipulated

  • It often provides an immediate reduction in pain locally

  • Feel-good factor – patients often note a feeling of giddiness, flushing of the face, or a short boost of feeling good. This is related to the endorphins that are release by your body following manipulation.

Your osteopath will always discuss the benefits and relative risks involved in manipulation, so you can make the decision whether you want it performed. Alternatively, there are other methods and techniques that we are trained to perform aimed at returning you back to health. We always make sure you are a good candidate for a safe manipulation and it definitely should not hurt.   |     0141 942 0629