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Happy Feet

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Squish, squash, mobilise, release, stretch, move, roll, hold, feel. In all directions for every toe. 

It feels so good, especially when using a soft spikey ball like this. I often use other textures though, like a smooth stone or a rough stone to release any tight areas and to ask my feet to become tougher. I try to pick these object up too, with my toes. It helps them to be more mobile, more durable and stronger. 

If you have foot pain, this will give you relief. If your pain does not resolve, it's wise to come and see me for an appointment. I can help you any problems you may have with alignment, treat any foot muscle or joint restriction and target any muscle weakness.

Strength starts in the feet.

Give it time. If it's tender it's a sign it needs done. Start gently and do it little and often. Enjoy!   |     0141 942 0629